• Chris Drange, Christoph David Drange, Raum 1 #3
    Raum 1 #3 | 2011 | ink jet print | edition 5 + 2 AP | 60,7 x 91 cm and 160 x 240 cm | © Chris Drange


Since 2011 I have been working with signs of modern consumer culture, as an expression of man made environment. As an observer of different aspects of mass industry and its aesthetic I use its products and images as material for my photographic studies. This with an attention to the relationship between men and their regenerating, perfect appearing, material surroundings.


The spectrum of my studies covers articles of daily use, e.g. furniture, containers, vehicles, clothes, etc. and also public and private spaces. The focal point is always on form, color, texture as well as patterns of surfaces. Thereby I ask for immaterial qualities of things and the connection between personality and consumption. I explore our perfect, clean HD-world for signs of time, e.g. in the form of wear or traces of use, generally in everyday situations. I am trying to confront our social reality, including its design with its own inconsistency, which is itself constituted in surfaces. I want to make the well-known appear unknown and familiar appear new.